1.Offer of your property at the right price

By estimating and setting a price adapted to the local market for your home from the start of the sale, you increase your chances of selling faster. Too high or too low a price will tend to scare away buyers and you will end up losing the novelty argument.

Negotiating the sale price of a property is rather classic in a real estate transaction. Therefore, many sellers prefer to set the real estate selling price by providing for this possible margin of negotiation.

However, if the real estate sale price is correctly estimated and you have the arguments to affirm it (good diagnoses, recent renovation work, good public transport service, etc.), a future buyer will be less inclined to negotiate.

An overstated selling price does not necessarily prevent visits . However, these visits are not always aimed at buying your home. Indeed, during a real estate search, future buyers do not hesitate to visit several properties before making their decision. And sometimes they visit an accommodation only to convince themselves that the apartment or house next door is a good deal.

By overestimating the selling price of real estate, you risk relegating your home to a simple point of comparison or scaring away buyers.

The appeal of novelty is important in real estate. If the duration of the sale of your home is too long, your ad will be seen less and less and the value of your property may depreciate.

By refusing to quickly adjust the situation, many sellers find themselves in an emergency situation and are forced to drop their price sharply to finally close the sale.

In a constantly changing market (variation in borrowing interest rates, new financial aid, competition, etc.), the key to selling quickly is a good appreciation of the value of your home from the outset.

1.Present your property in an optimal way

In order to trigger the crush, several rules must be followed for a successful home staging. First of all, it is essential to declutter the space . Remove all unnecessary objects and furniture that could make the property appear smaller than its actual square footage. Also remember to repair all the small defects in your house or apartment. A loose skirting board, a leaky faucet, a trailing electric wire… so many faults that can give a bad impression and that are easy to correct. It seems obvious, but it is also essential to store and clean the property offered for sale . So don't leave shoes lying around in the hall or dirty cutlery in the sink.

Home staging is also based on the depersonalization of your home . Remove photos, drawings of your children, toys... so that the buyer can more easily project themselves. Finally, you have to rethink your interior so that each room finds a clear utility and function.

Remember, sobriety and simplicity are your only watchwords.

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